An elevator built specifically for demanding buildings.

Precision manufacturing, robust quality materials, streamlined technology and the unique ability to fit non-conventional shaft sizes truly highlight the flexibility of this range.

The perfect lift for the perfect fit, because not all buildings are built the same.


Smart and simple cabin design with excellent quality performance motors and drives. The focus on essentials means using select high quality materials, colors and accessories to allow architects and designers to create a coherent yet understated space.


Technologically advanced elevators for medium and high-rise buildings that consume less power, have minimal impact on the environment and harmoniously serve people and buildings with smooth, seamless operation.

Michael Anastassiades

A cabin designed to imagine a space of tranquil states – in between the transitions of everyday movement – on the threshold of inspired personal impressions and interpretations. Minimalist tones, elegantly defined by delicate sheets of fine natural marble stone, with intricately placed partitions of brushed stainless steel trims particular to the energy of this cabin interior.


The elevator cabin perceived as an object of design with an eye for creative interiors.

D/N 1 blends the old with the new through the use of noble materials and natural finishes. D/N 2 on the other hand offers a futuristic look into urban travel through the use of contrasting elements and temperatures under a very streamlined environment.

Scenic Cabins

Cabins that focus on the view leaving passengeres immersed in scenery that stimulates the senses.

See-through elevator travel available in two different styles to better match the building’s character and identity.


Top-of-the-line technology combined with performance, quality and cradle safety.

We handle everything from the calculation and design process to the
manufacturing, quality control, installation and maintenance of large, highly complex permanent building maintenance equipment.