We are urban landscape transformers.

Cities are currently growing by a million people each week and will account for most of the world’s population growth in the future. Global hyper- urbanization continues to drastically transform our way of living.

Often seen as products of pure convenience, elevators and escalators changed how buildings are constructed and created a revolution in city planning and urbanization. Elevators enabled engineers to start building skyscrapers in the early 1800s – in line with the industrial revolution – and this movement towards verticality has been gaining momentum ever since.

Fast-growing cities need long-lasting infrastructures.

We enhance city

Conveying systems help people move effortlessly throughout the new cityscape. The capacity to build higher and concentrate more people in smaller areas enhances the social benefits of urban living – from uninterrupted motion and people dynamics to advances in employment, services and entertainment.

Not only smoothly moving up and down a building, but also crossing the city in one fluid flow. Strolling over moving walkways, passing a gently revolving door, we want to make urban life as easy as possible, while keeping our standards high.

Every elevator deserves its own building.

Cities are currently growing by a million people each week and will account for most of the Mitsulift loves a smooth ride for its clients, tailoring to each and everyone’s personal style. We want our elevators to be an extension of your home or the finishing touch of an office building, moving up and down as the business flows. We are renowned for our contemporary design solutions, customizing to every possible wish. All of our elevators integrate smoothly in the design of the building, whether it’s a private villa, a shopping mall or a new urban complex.

Enjoying the best of both worlds, we mix innovative and state-of-the-art Japanese technology with world-renowned Lebanese hospitality. It’s where craftsmanship, precision and expertise meet attention to detail, know-how and dedication.

Top-notch technology meets sound safety.

All Mitsulift’s conveying systems are compact in size, free up space and go low on the noise. Indoors and outside, 24/7, rain or shine, they are top-range performers. Sound, safe and easy to use, with clear signage, buttons and lighting – the technology of Mitsubishi Electric is supreme. Take, for example, the use of highly sophisticated Permanent Magnet (PM) motors to replace induction motors, reducing the size of both the traction machine and energy consumption. Or Mitsubishi Electric’s application of breakthrough artificial intelligence technology to provide expert control systems for both elevators and escalators.

On top of that comes our special care and touch: think service, maintenance and, last but not least, safety. All our team members adhere to strict safety procedures and training to guarantee total security.

Being significant is more important than being successful.

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Our elevators’ minimum waiting times are good for clients and the environment. Mitsulift carefully selects the best products available: high-end, with advanced technology, built to last, timeless and upgradable, including the greenest, most energy friendly machines out there. This is Life Cycle Assessment at its best. A win-win situation: for us, the people and the planet.