With our Extended Warranty Program, you can have peace of mind knowing that your elevator will run smoothly and safely – all the time.

Do you have a Mitsubishi elevator that’s 5 years old or less? Are you looking for additional protection against possible breakdowns at minimum cost?

Mitsulift’s Extended Warranty Program is especially designed for Mitsubishi elevators that are one to five years old.

The warranty covers 100% of all material costs, genuine spare parts and repair needed in case of a potential breakdown.

This package ensures that any Mitsubishi elevator installed and serviced by our company always runs efficiently and safely with top performance and minimum planned downtime.


Lifting safety and standards to the next level.

Enjoy a safe and steady ride every time you use your elevator

Mitsulift wants you to enjoy a safe and smooth ride every time you use your elevator. To flow seamlessly up and down a building, as though the elevator is an extension of your home or a part of your office.

We take pride in guaranteeing the safety, efficiency and reliability of the elevators we service. We work to prolong the lifespan of your elevator, thus reduce maintenance costs and conserving energy and resources.

Passenger safety is our prime responsibility.

The Extended Warranty Program elevates assurance standards to make sure your elevator is safely preserved and to guarantee value for your money.

A warranty package that offers you full coverage of material costs and genuine spare parts – and eliminates unexpected and additional costs. A pro-active and cost-effective approach.

All your repairs and/or replacements are done immediately and efficiently – no hassle and no delays.

An affordable package to complement your Normal Maintenance Plan, when the Full Maintenance Plan is not your preferred choice.

Convenience that saves you days of waiting.

An elevator under extended warranty will offer you a smooth and safe ride - every time.