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build better cities


Enhance city living


Elevate people into lifetime partnerships


Provide simply designed uninterruptible building moving systems


Guiding Principles

- Do it with your heart and be proud of what you do
- Set milestones and deadlines for everything you do
- Be accountable to each other
- Listen first, speak last
- Lead with questions, not instructions
- Be vulnerable, learn from your failures
- There’s no “they” at Mitsulift – there’s only “we”
- Allow no excuses, only facts and actions
- Challenge yourself and have fun doing so
- Lead future leaders

Rayan Andary
General Manager, Mitsulift Lebanon
For me, Mitsulift is the perfect balance between a professional multinational corporation and core family values.

Current openings

There are no available vacancies at the moment.
For future career opportunities, please send your CV to [email protected].