Join us to

create vibrant, beautiful cities together.


Enhance city living


Elevate people into lifetime partnerships


Provide simply designed uninterruptible building moving systems


Guiding Principles

- Do it with your heart and be proud of what you do
- Set milestones and deadlines for everything you do
- Be accountable to each other
- Listen first, speak last
- Lead with questions, not instructions
- Be vulnerable, learn from your failures
- There’s no “they” at Mitsulift – there’s only “we”
- Allow no excuses, only facts and actions
- Challenge yourself and have fun doing so
- Lead future leaders

Rony Nicolas
Project Manager, Mitsulift Malta
I follow each project from the initial stage to the finishing touch, making the ride as smooth as possible.

Current openings

There are no available vacancies at the moment.
For future career opportunities, please send your CV to [email protected].