Does your elevator often break down, look outdated or no longer meet local standards and safety requirements?

It's time to modernize.

Whether Mitsulift is currently servicing your elevator or not, we have the proper knowledge, know-how and tools to propose a modernization plan.

Our engineers will recommend a plan that makes the most of current equipment and yet offers a remarkable improvement in service and efficiency, while keeping the same look and feel of the elevator if desired or improving as well its aesthetics.


A modernized elevator reduces power consumption, ensures safety of use and simply increases the value of the building.

Modernization Plans

Mitsulift offers a variety of modernization packages for your building moving systems, whether it’s an office building, a residential building, a commercial property or a hospital.

We combine safety guidelines, efficiency features, stylish cabin designs and riding comfort to offer you the modernization solution that’s right for you, from partial to full modernization options.

At Mitsulift, we care for people by caring for the equipment they use. Our modernization services carry a wide range of long-term benefits.

Improved experience

Smoother ride Lower noise and less vibration

Better service Less waiting time for passengers

Safer ride Improved reliability and reduced

malfunction rate

Energy-saving Less power consumption and less running costs

Improved Aesthetics Stylish cabin design options

Every elevator deserves its own building.

For more details and information, please contact one of our modernization specialists at your nearest branch or send us a message.