Vincent Van Duysen

Nearly home.

A special rendition of Vincent Van Duysen’s crafted living spaces – on the move.
Stimulating elevator interiors created to raise comfort levels in public movement.

Tactility and smoothness converge forming balance between materials and aesthetics.
The human nature of an elevated lifestyle.

VVD brings his unique design to the quintessential necessities of everyday living, moving you with his style, in more than one way.

Observation Elevators

Adding drama and fun to the elevator ride!
Observation elevators add a new dimension to traveling between floors, by making the combination of light, space and visible motion an exciting experience.


Machine room-less elevators utilizing technological prowess to give architects and interior designers more design freedom. These elevators are energy-efficient and ideal for medium-rising buildings.

Nexiez-MRL Version 2

The Nexiez-MRL Version 2.0 meets the demands of the “new normal” through no-touch transportation, antiviral and antibacterial buttons as well as circulation fans equipped with Plasma Quad.


Cost effective machine roomless elevator designed for low-rise buildings with up to 10 floors.

Nexiez MR

The conventional traction type elevator with a smaller machine room. Designed for low to mid rise buildings.


Machine roomless elevator for low to mid rise buildings. Space saving features without affecting its aesthetic part.


Premium high-speed elevators designed to keep pace with the vertical growth of cities as buildings soar to ever greater heights. These energy-saving elevators guarantee passenger safety and comfort and can be custom-designed to set any building apart from the others.


Designed for low to mid rise buildings. Nexway-S is a standardized passenger elevator with a compact machine room that is about the size of the shaft; thus maximizing the use of building space.

Nexway-S Package-R

Designed for high rise buildings. The Nexway-S Package-R is a high speed passenger elevator with a speed of 3.5 or 4 meters per second and can serve up to 64 floors.

Home Elevator SVC/SED

Luxury and convenience at home. Mitsubishi’s SVC/SED series raises the quality of your lifestyle by empowering everyone in the household to move around the home accross different floors and rooms with greater safety, freedom and peace of mind.

Nexiez-MR for Hospitals

Mitsubishi’s Nexiez-MR Hospital bed elevators are designed to provide safe, convenient transportation for medical staff and patients. Its optimum mix of features ensures efficient elevator operation to meet the need of every hospital whether transporting patients in bed or moving medical equipment from floor to floor.

Freight Elevator GFM-T

A freight elevator which helps businesses improve their goods handling ability. Mitsubishi’s GFM-T series offers a flexible capacity pending on the weight and size of goods to be transported at once.

Freight Elevator GFC-L2

Improve your goods-handling ability. Mitsubishi’s GFC-L2 series makes for easier load with forklifts and handtrucks with casters thanks to its big capacity and its energy saving helical gear driven traction machine.

Freight Elevator GFC-L3

The best helper to enhance the efficiency of the modern factory. Mitsubishi’s GFC-L3 series offers a more comfortable and quiet ride while saving on electricity bills when compared to traditional worm gear driven traction machines.


High speed doors that run quietly and with no wear. Quick, safe, efficient with incredible opening and closing speeds. Note: This product is only available in our following branches: Lebanon, Jordan, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

travel m

The ideal conveying companion in both commercial or public environments. Indoor or semi-outdoor, it functions with intelligence and an adaptive flexibility providing superior user-friendly technology.

Built for durability and practicality with a variety of aesthetically appealing models in customizable dimensions, travel m conforms to varied environments and design needs.

Spiral Escalator

Spiral escalators that express a unique presence within their environment. The sweeping three-dimensional motion of Mitsubishi’s spiral escalator creates an expansive panoramic view and a special space and time for passengers to enjoy.

Moving Walk 1600, 1200

Ultra smooth moving walks that offer a contemporary solution to growing pedestrian traffic requirements. The 1200 with its space-saving design allows for significant reductions in installation space making it the perfect choice for shopping malls while the 1600 boosts transport capacity with its roomy design and extra width which makes it the first choice for environments such as airports, train stations and vast urban settings.

Escalators Series Z

A simple yet sophisticated escalator system that adds a polished touch to your architecture. Series Z offers the utmost in flexibility and design customization for architects and designers in order to create an escalator that either blends in or stands out from its environment.

High Security Doors

High security doors and portals can determine the identity of a user and determine whether they are alone
in order to ensure that the most sensitive areas of your building remain closed to nonauthorised persons.

Note: This product is only available in our following branches: Lebanon, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

Access Gates

Access gates can be used in conjunction with for example speed gates or tripod turnstiles to provide comfortable and secure access to wheelchairs, large luggage or trollies.

Note: This product is only available in our following branches: Lebanon, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

Speed Gates

Manage the flow of visitors and employees with a system that allows some users to pass through directly but directs
others in another direction, for instance towards a reception desk or another part of the building. Boon Edam speed gates allow for this to be achieved with minimal inconvenience to the users and without forming an obtrusive barrier in the entry.

Note: This product is only available in our following branches: Lebanon, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

Revolving Doors

A building’s entrance is a small mobility hotspot and the first
contact a visitor has with a building. Our revolving doors feature four main criteria: sustainability, security. service and great design.

Note: This product is only available in our following branches: Lebanon, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.


Machine room less elevators that are ultra silent and energy efficient thanks to its innovative drive system.

Convenient Living

Platform and cabin lifts that are incredibly compact and very flexible in terms of sizes and design choices.

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C1 Pure

Machine roomless elevators designed for seamless integration while offering a great range of colors, materials and design options that allow for easy customization in order to better match any environment.

Cibes Air

Machine room less elevators focusing on timeless and intuitive design, offering architects and designers a superior choice of colors and materials in order to better complement with the unique style and character of your home.