Observation Elevators

Adding drama and fun to the elevator ride!
Observation elevators add a new dimension to traveling between floors, by making the combination of light, space and visible motion an exciting experience.


Machine room-less elevators utilizing technological prowess to give architects and interior designers more design freedom. These elevators are energy-efficient and ideal for medium-rising buildings.

Nexiez-MRL Version 2

The Nexiez-MRL Version 2.0 meets the demands of the “new normal” through no-touch transportation, antiviral and antibacterial buttons as well as circulation fans equipped with Plasma Quad.

Nexiez MR

The conventional traction type elevator with a smaller machine room. Designed for low to mid rise buildings.


Machine roomless elevator for low to mid rise buildings. Space saving features without affecting its aesthetic part.


Premium high-speed elevators designed to keep pace with the vertical growth of cities as buildings soar to ever greater heights. These energy-saving elevators guarantee passenger safety and comfort and can be custom-designed to set any building apart from the others.


Designed for low to mid rise buildings. Nexway-S is a standardized passenger elevator with a compact machine room that is about the size of the shaft; thus maximizing the use of building space.

Nexway-S Package-R

Designed for high rise buildings. The Nexway-S Package-R is a high speed passenger elevator with a speed of 3.5 or 4 meters per second and can serve up to 64 floors.

Freight Elevator GFM-T

A freight elevator which helps businesses improve their goods handling ability. Mitsubishi’s GFM-T series offers a flexible capacity pending on the weight and size of goods to be transported at once.

Freight Elevator GFC-L2

Improve your goods-handling ability. Mitsubishi’s GFC-L2 series makes for easier load with forklifts and handtrucks with casters thanks to its big capacity and its energy saving helical gear driven traction machine.

Freight Elevator GFC-L3

The best helper to enhance the efficiency of the modern factory. Mitsubishi’s GFC-L3 series offers a more comfortable and quiet ride while saving on electricity bills when compared to traditional worm gear driven traction machines.