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Elevating Environmental Standards
Growing chaotically, without looking at the impact we are having on the environment is detrimental to our own future as well as our children’s and grandchildren’s future.

At Mitsulift, our focus has moved to raising awareness in our community about the state of the environment, through our new slogan – Elevating Environmental Standards. By understanding what’s happening to the environment, we can take meaningful steps and actions to reduce the impact of global warming and preserve Earth for generations to come, thus leaving a legacy we can all be proud of.

Our home, planet Earth, is in great danger, because in less than 50 years, we’ve altered our planet more thoroughly than in the entire history of mankind. Half of the world’s forests have vanished, water resources are running low, our energy resources are not sustainable and our climate is changing.

Mitsulift operates in the building sector, which is the single largest consumer of non-renewable energies in the world, using 35-40% of non-renewable energy resources and contributing about a third of all CO2 (carbon dioxide)-related emissions.

The good news is that this sector also has the highest potential for using renewable energies and can thus make the most impact for a cleaner environment. That’s where our focus is: taking more green steps towards reducing CO2 emissions through the construction and real-estate sector, by developing “green buildings,” which consists of improving the building design and applying energy-efficient technologies such as solar water heaters, efficient lighting and air conditioning and, of course, energy-saving and power-regenerating elevators.

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